Breakfast Education Meeting
Estate Planning Under the Secure Act and Other Tax and Estate Law Changes of the Last Decade

Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2020
Time: 8:30am - 10:00am
Location: ZOOM
Speaker: Neil R. Lubarsky, Esq.


Are your clients Estate Plans up to date and will they accomplish their objectives in light of the many new laws that have taken effect? 

Will their plans be in trouble if they do nothing and they just assume that everything will be OK?

They may be in for some big surprises.

Come and learn some of the key components you and your clients should be taking into account to determine whether their plans are in jeopardy.  Neil Lubarsky will share with us his insights in this area to help us identify those clients who need to update their plans.

Please join us on May 6 for our first  Zoom Education Meeting.
Catherine M. Censullo, CPA, PFS
Chair, Education Committee

About the Speaker

Neil R. Lubarsky, Esq.

Our presenter, Neil R. Lubarsky, Esq., an estate planning, elder law, tax and asset protection attorney with offices in Purchase, NY, will explain how the Secure Act in many cases negatively affects, and for most individuals significantly shortens, the period of time over which IRA beneficiaries are required to draw down distributions and pay income tax thereon, as well as which beneficiaries are still eligible to take IRA distributions over their life expectancies and which existing IRA beneficiary trusts will no longer function as planned. Also discussed will be how to minimize the risk of clients having to pay New York State estate taxes, sometimes at marginal estate tax rates in excess of 100%, by properly utilizing each spouse's New York State estate tax exemption, and by using various gifting options designed to avoid the tax. Attendees will also learn how to minimize the risk of clients having to pay future federal estate taxes, in an uncertain tax law environment, by properly utilizing portability and spousal lifetime access trusts. Moreover, the benefits of various types of asset protection trusts, as well as how and when irrevocable trusts can be changed, will be addressed.

      " Estate Planning Under the Secure Act and Other Tax and Estate Law Changes of the Last Decade"

Course Outline

  • Secure Act Impact on Stretch IRAs
  • Stretch IRA Exceptions
  • Impact on IRA Beneficiary Trusts
  • Proper utilization of the NYS Estate Tax Exemption to Minimize Taxes
  • Gifting Options
  • Proper Utilization of Portability
  • Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts (SLATs)
  • Asset Protection Trust Types and Benefits
  • How and When to Change Irrevocable Trusts


Dear Member,

We hope you are doing well and staying safe during these unprecedented times.  With the current need for social distancing, the Council has decided to host meetings on Zoom for the time being.  Our upcoming breakfast meeting next Wednesday morning, May 6 at 8:30 AM, will be our trial run to see if this is a viable platform going forward.

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